“After completing the course myself (as an internal elevator) I will be recommending this to my leadership team. This is a great first step in building evaluation understanding and culture. Thank you! Also, thank you for making this easily accessible!”


“I’m recommending this course to our executive team. It’s a very accessible way to introduce evaluation concepts and principles, and – most importantly – clearly communicates why evaluation is so critical!”


“I recently joined the organisation am working for, evaluation, even monitoring is new to them so i have been wondering how best to get buy in from senior managers. This is going to be my starting point am going to encourage them to go through the course before conducting an in-depth training.”


“This was a very clear, comprehensive and engaging introduction to evaluation. It gave me helpful perspective as an evaluator about how to best tailor my work to meet the needs of the leaders I collaborate with.”


“OMG – this course is incredible. I’m helping our umbrella organization build its evaluation capacity and will be recommending this course for them to share with other agencies to build staff members’ skills. This course couldn’t have come at a better time. It is so useful! Good interactivity, very clear, and covers the bases in ways that aren’t too complex but not too simplistic.”


“Great use of interactivity and multiple teaching techniques. Kept things interesting and lively. Good summaries at the end.”

“The program was excellent both from a content and instructional design perspective. The addition resources were very helpful. The fact that I did the course in one sitting is amazing.”
“I can’t believe this is free. What a wonderful resource. Thank you!”